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The Artists

We're so amazed that these talented musicians freely and happily donate their time for this wonderful event. The standard of musicianship is outstanding.


Black Dog are an exciting four-piece Auckland Blues band. Formed in late 2010, the band’s members have all "paid their dues" in a number of well known Auckland blues bands, and have joined forces to share a philosophy of exploring original music, expanding and growing the blues genre, and having fun.

Black Dog’s repertoire is a mixture of their original work and interpretations of classic Blues, including material by Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Black Dog’s original music covers topics such as love, lack of love, money, lack of money, women, lack of women and, of course, dogs.

The dogs love to strut their stuff to an appreciative audience, playing passionate slow songs that tug at the heart-strings, or, if the time is right and the magic’s in the air, wind up the dance floor.


Dean’s genre is based on blues from the Delta, this upbeat style of blues is very unique. Dean’s style of slide playing and energy on stage is something to be witnessed, and all performances are delivered with passion. Dean Morris has come from the role of music promoter to picking up the guitar and learning to play the music he loves.

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